Last Drop Cafe Project


Seraphim’s friend, Veyot, who is always working on some new, interesting project, asked Seri if she’d be interested in contributing to her most recent project. She (or she and some friends, Seri’s not too clear on that bit…) has purchased several little plots of roadside land around SL, and placed ‘Last Drop Cafe’ buildings on them. Veyot wondered if Seraphim might want to decorate one of them, any way she wanted to…


… of course, Seri said ‘sounds like fun!’ The one Seri got is beside the road in Wyrd. She got this empty little building to decorate, like a blank canvas. She’s never made a ‘cafe’, before, but was pretty sure she should start…


… with an assortment of mouth-watering munchies, for the hungry/weary SL traveller…


… and some cosy, well-worn seating, with mellow lighting, and some soothingly rich floor coverings…


… and definitely something beautiful to look at… starting with her current favourite portrait of the lovely Pandume…


… then one of the vista’s she took from the balcony of her Hangars Liquides apartment…


… and, finally, the prettiest little kitty she’s ever met, her little, lost, cat-girl, Zoey… these three images, purely by coincidence, go 2020, 2019, and 2018…


… Seri left it at that for the night, then came back this morning, to put the finishing touches to her little production. Her friend ‘JJ’ joined her for a few minutes, so they could catch up while Seri pottered…


… after ‘JJ’ had left, Seri did some more ‘ambience testing’…


… and decided that any weary traveler probably really needed to play ‘Unicorn Attack!’, while they digested their coffee and cake…


… Seri enjoyed this little project (:

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