Whale Graveyard


During her weekend SL perambulations, this morning, Seraphim found a small, flying whale graveyard…


… three of those flying whales that were so trendy a year or so ago (Seraphim has one, too!) were dead on the ground, somehow turned to stone…


… inert, and overgrown…


… a town had sprung up around them, no doubt capitalising on this incredibly haunting place.

Heart-rending Koala Rescue


Seraphim read this, this morning. The video clip, at the top, of Toni rescuing a literally burning Koala, just made her cry and cry. The whole story about the losses the Koala population have suffered is equally heart-rending… but that one scene, of that wonderful woman putting the burning Koala out with water from a bottle, and him wailing in pain… it just kind of encapsulates the sadness of the whole situation.

They named the little guy ‘Lewis’, and he survived, thanks to that amazing, brave woman (: