Exploring With A Fox


Seraphim and her bushy-tailed friend spent some time in Mopire City yesterday. Mopire City is a recent build. It is huge and spectacular and, strangely, still almost totally deserted…


… Seraphim had come here about two months ago, when it first opened, back when she was a solitary explorer . She had spent a good hour wondering it’s awesome flyovers, marvelling at the buildings. She thought Lia might enjoy doing that with her. Only, she had forgotten that Mopire City is a no-fly zone, and couldn’t remember how she had gotten up onto the flyovers last time she was here. Her ever-resourceful little Aegis friend had the solution…


… a flying DeLorean!…





… with Lia’s military-grade senses and reflexes, Seraphim never felt uncomfortable as they wove between the enormous buildings of Mopire City…


… she found the whole adventure strangely soothing. Perhaps it was just the comfort of sharing it with her wonderful little friend?

A Girl And Her Fox


Lia is a fox… literally; she has fox ears, a fox’s tail, and the small, sleek build of a fox…


… at first, Seraphim thought Lia was a Furry, but Lia does not identify with that ilk, preferring, simply, to call herself a fox… an NS-476 Aegis fox…


… Seraphim adores her little fox warrior friend.

Lethal Crush


Seraphim has been photographing her lethal little crush…


… this tiny little machine can walk effortlessly into battle carrying twice her own weight in weapons, despite the fact she is a weapon, herself; part of the Nanite Systems sales pitch for the NS-476 Aegis says: ‘Sleek and well armored, the Aegis’s internal systems are set into a single mold nanoweave steel housing, with almost two inches of composite carbon fibre, nanosteel and ceramic offering lightweight protection against direct impacts from attacks up to and including most HEAT and HESH rounds. Small arms up to .50 cal are nearly a non-issue, with the system’s core snugly protected in a wreath of steel and synthetic materials.’ When Seraphim marvels at how tiny Lia is, Lia says she isn’t tiny, Seraphim is big…


… Seraphim has hung two pictures of her combat drone crush in New Placebo Gallery, and will happily stand and stare at her for long lengths of time.

New Crush


Miraculously, despite all this heartache and pain… Seraphim has fallen in love, again. The object of her new affections is Lia. Lia is a Nanite Systems, NS-476 Aegis combat droid. She is a beautiful killing machine. She is z0zo’s sworn protector. She is not a pleasure unit. Her weapon of choice is an enormous, heavy scythe. She is tiny, not much more than half Seraphims height. She loves to cuddle.


Like z0zo, Seraphim finds Lia oblique, and enigmatic. Lia, like z0zo, has not actually expressed love for Seraphim, but has indicated such a thing might happen. This is enough for Seraphim, who is learning to restrain herself when expressing her feelings for these amazing creatures. She is just luxuriating in the closeness with, and kindness of this fascinating, usually gentle, little warrior machine.