Shopping With a Friend


Seraphim hasn’t been shopping for a while, she’s trying to keep her spending down, till her human starts earning a full-time wage, again… but she saw this guy, and couldn’t resist buying him, he wasn’t very expensive…


… she took him to the next event on her list… where she was promptly propositioned in the most crude terms, by a total stranger, something she’s not had to put up with for a long time…


… who’d have thought a goofy cuddle-bunny would make a girl so attractive?

New Horizons


Seraphim is very happy with her new direction in photography. She’s finally overcome the need to place a person in the frame. This isn’t a sudden thing, of course. Over the last year she’s gradually stopped being interested in Gynoids as photographic subjects, and she started doing her ‘still-life’ setups…


… she’s always liked the ‘landscape’ format for scenes of sky and horizon. Her new pastime is combing SL for such scenes.


There are very few images of Gynoids left in her gallery, now. Soon, even they will have made way for Seri’s new horizons.