Snake Bite

I recently started a series of images I am calling the ‘Golden Planet’ series. I have been posting them on my Flickr page. There has been ‘Golden Planet Princess’, and ‘Golden Planet Pilot’. Over the last few days, I created ‘Golden Planet Tourist’. I make these works using multiple images I create in wonderful Midjourney, then I take several of those images into gorgeous Photoshop, and stitch them together with a fair bit of masking, and some touchup painting and a bit of clone stamp magic. I’d almost finished ‘Tourist’, when I decided she’d look more ‘touristy’ with a Golden Planet souvenir brooch, so I went back to Midjourney and had a go at creating one, there, instead of in Photoshop. I was really surprised to get, from my first 4 variations, 3 perfect-looking ‘brooches’!… so I thought, ‘hey, why don’t I whip up some snake bites (lip piercings) for here, too?’… I’d gotten such a precise result for the brooch, I was feeling lucky, so, among a few other (sorry, my secret!’) words, I entered as prompts ‘snake bite, lip piercings’…

… imagine my astonishment when I got four images that looked like this! But astonishment quickly turned to delight! Though nothing like what I’d intended, I found these results incredibly beautiful, if not slightly creepy, but creepy gorgeous! I could never have deliberately made work like this, this was a serendipitous AI artistic bonanza. One of the reasons I enjoy Midjourney is that my work has always been iterative, and the Midjourney process is pretty much entirely iterative… I banged out dozens and dozens of variations on this gorgeous theme, occasionally tweaking the prompts, but not much. I now have several exhibitions worth of this work, which I will begin putting in my galleries, probably tomorrow (:

Retrospective Installation

I decided to hang a retrospective installation, featuring some of my digital portrait paintings. Portraits have always been my favourite theme, both for painting, and photography. People who know me will know the work I’ve been showing the last year or so is quite different from what I used to do. I have two digital styles, one I call my ‘comic’ style… I’ve always been interested in sequential art, and, a lot of my early digital paintings, which I started doing around 2012, are in this style…

… they are potential panels for that stunning graphic novel I never did, because I simply could not satisfy my own inner critic about the quality of my work…

… my other style is my ‘photorealistic’ style, where I actually had to learn when to stop polishing, because the paintings end up being so like photographs, it kind of defeats the actual painting process… I still want people to go ‘oh, that’s a painting!’…

… my earlier stuff was pretty dark… dark, but gorgeous, and was always about very scary girls…

… by 2016, even my ‘comic’ work was looking pretty realistic. In 2015-2016, I did a lot of Suicide Girl fan art. My work was easily some of the best on their fan art page, but hardly anyone ‘liked’ them, because I painted portraits, not nudes…

… I also paint singers I adore, and babes from films. These images are just 8 of my paintings from 2013 to 2018. I’ve done a whole lot more. The choice, for these, was to start as early in my life as a digital painter as I could find, the rest was actually dictated by what was easiest to find on my chaotic, two terabyte hard drive (:

300 Year Stare WIP


Seraphim has started her second Alita painting. This one is called ‘300 Year Stare‘. This is sweet little Alita channelling her 300-year-old Berserker-class skills and training, near the end of the film, seriously-dangerously housed in the 300-year-old Berserker-class body she found in the downed Martian space craft, a body she was clearly designed to inhabit… this is when she deals some serious damage to all the assholes who have been trying to kill her and those close to her… the assholes do not walk away, this time.

The Rookie; “How you doin’?”


Sweet, friendly, happy teenage android Alita rolls up to the starting line for the trials, turns to the guy beside her and asks ‘How you doin’?” She’s such a sweet kid. A few seconds later, she gets a heads-up from her ‘father’, telling her it’s a setup, all the people gathered around her are bad people… neither of them know that every single one of these people are there expressly for the purpose of murdering Alita… when she gets this warning, teenage Alita becomes 300-year-old Alita, the killing machine, and all those killers become doomed.

The Rookie WIP


It’s been too long since Seraphim did a painting. She needs to feel passionate about what she paints, and can’t really just make herself paint unless she really loves her subject. She recently watched ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, and loved it to bits, as she knew she would. She now has several paintings planned, but has started with this one. The full title will be The Rookie: “How you doin?”… Seraphim loved the scene where Alita, the rookie, rolls up to the start-line for the trials, and is her usual happy, cute self, being friendly to the hardened killers all around her, not realising they are all there for only one reason… to kill her! Of course, as soon as she is warned about this, we see her face change from happy teenaged android, to totally confident, 300-year-old killing machine!

This may look pretty amateur at this stage, it’s only an hours work… give it a few more hours, Seraphim knows, from experience, it will look fabulous.