Who Is Seraphim Placebo?


Seraphim is the 8 year old avatar of a 4 thousand year old, immortal alien, stranded on Earth, 3 millennia ago, when she was a mere thousand year old child. She is an alpha predator, for her first thousand years on Earth, she preyed on Humans, till she matured enough to realise this was not a good practice in terms of not drawing attention to herself. She settled down in Lithuania, and built a small empire, which slowly dwindled as she deliberately became less noticeable to all potential problems, such as the Roman church, and just evolving Human empires in general. She also didn’t wish to clash with the Vampire nations on Earth. She is fabulously wealthy, and vastly more knowledgable about everything than any Human, because she never forgets anything.

In Second Life, she has mostly been the curator of Placebo Gallery. Just about the same time as the beginning of her disastrous love affair with the crusher of her alien heart, she decided she didn’t want to be pouring money into her huge personal art collection any more, and closed Placebo Gallery. As part of her self-therapy to get over her broken heart, she has opened a much smaller gallery, called New Placebo Gallery, where she is showing some of her new work, and some other peoples work.

Pink is her favourite colour to accent her mostly black wardrobe.

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