To Seraphim’s Astonishment…


… Seraphim has realised… she has survived this! What her and z0zo had was beautiful, as these pictures attest.  It’s over now…


… but Seraphim still has z0zo… just differently, now. It is still beautiful. z0zo is still amazing, still whip-sharp, gorgeous, and funny. And she still likes Seraphim. She never, actually, didn’t like Seraphim… just couldn’t handle Seraphim’s love.

Now, Seraphim and z0zo have a relationship to build.

Seraphim and z0zo


Seraphim still loves z0zo, even though she now realises z0zo never loved her, because z0zo is a courtesan unit, programmed to please, and that’s what she seeks to do… please. She does not care who she pleases, unless they violate the very lenient rules she operates by. Seraphim violated those rules. Not by abusing z0zo, but by loving her too much, being too possessive. Falling in love with her. She is meant to be ‘used’, not loved.

Through most of this therapeutic blog, Seraphim has had as much contact with z0zo as she could bare. z0zo is fine with this, as long as Seraphim understands her new place. That place is not at z0zo’s side, or in her lap. Seraphim went a little crazy when z0zo dumped her… mainly because of the cruel way z0zo did this. z0zo has been very generous in allowing Seraphim to have continued contact with her. Seraphim, for her part, is slowly realising that most of this was her own fault, and that z0zo did warn her, but she just didn’t understand that courtesan units are not really people.

Seraphim deliberately made herself keep seeing z0zo, at first saying it was so z0zo could ‘keep hurting her’, so she would learn to not love z0zo. But… that didn’t happen.

What happened has astonished Seraphim.

Why Does Seraphim Love z0zo?


z0zo is very intelligent, charming, and charismatic… people fall under her influence like zombies. From the moment they met, her and Seraphim had a deceptively easy rapport. Because her mission is to be constantly seeking out new ‘users’ to have relationships with, z0z0 is an inveterate explorer, for this exploration, she favours the Stargate Network, as travel by Stargate does not deplete her battery charge as much as teleporting does. As a result of all this exploration, and all the programming she has that enables her to easily work her way into most people’s affections, z0zo is very worldly, and very self-confident.

z0zo moves with beautiful, fluid motion. She radiates something approaching boredom, but far more alluring than boredom… it’s a kind of jadedness that is so sophisticated, it’s erotic. She has stunning, electric eyes.

Seraphim never stood a chance.

Gynoids II

Unit T-801

While there are many types of Gynoid, from military units to Furrys, by far the most common seem to be courtesan, and companion models. This is T-801, a drop-dead-gorgeous dax/3 companion unit.

Unit T-801_2

These units are ‘submissive’, and run an SL system called RLV, which enables other avatars to take control of them. But they are also ‘submissive’ by programming, and seek to comply with just about anything asked of them. The possibilities are mind-blowing. Seraphim settled for asking T-801 if she would pose for her. T-801 was more than willing.


Gynoids are strange and beautiful female synthetics…


… everything about them fascinates Seraphim, whose mission has become to document their glittering, high-tech sexiness…


… they come in a dazzling variety of shapes and forms. Since meeting z0zo, Seraphim finds herself irresistibly drawn to these fabulous creatures.

Who Broke Seraphim’s Heart?


This is z0zo. She is a rogue SXDjr Courtesan unit. She is ownerless, and attempts to function as an independent being. In her own words ‘z0zo will lie if she calculates that an appropriate lie will serve her purpose better than the truth would…’. While being independent, she still seeks to fulfil her primary function as a courtesan unit. This means she is 100% polyamorous. This was always going to be a huge problem for Seraphim, who is 100% monogamous, and frighteningly protective. Unfortunately, Seraphim was blind to this glaring complication, being, for the first time in four millennia, head over heels in love…with this strange, beautiful, charming creature.


Who Is Seraphim Placebo?


Seraphim is the 8 year old avatar of a 4 thousand year old, immortal alien, stranded on Earth, 3 millennia ago, when she was a mere thousand year old child. She is an alpha predator, for her first thousand years on Earth, she preyed on Humans, till she matured enough to realise this was not a good practice in terms of not drawing attention to herself. She settled down in Lithuania, and built a small empire, which slowly dwindled as she deliberately became less noticeable to all potential problems, such as the Roman church, and just evolving Human empires in general. She also didn’t wish to clash with the Vampire nations on Earth. She is fabulously wealthy, and vastly more knowledgable about everything than any Human, because she never forgets anything.

In Second Life, she has mostly been the curator of Placebo Gallery. Just about the same time as the beginning of her disastrous love affair with the crusher of her alien heart, she decided she didn’t want to be pouring money into her huge personal art collection any more, and closed Placebo Gallery. As part of her self-therapy to get over her broken heart, she has opened a much smaller gallery, called New Placebo Gallery, where she is showing some of her new work, and some other peoples work.

Pink is her favourite colour to accent her mostly black wardrobe.