Seraphim & Dark Lia


Seraphim and Lia are friends still/again. They both like each other a lot. Despite their recent clash, this never changed. They both put a lot of energy into resolving their clash. Seraphim is, despite her hardness, totally at the mercy of her emotions once she commits herself to loving someone… this is proving to be an impairment to her reasoning powers, at times. She said something that irritated Lia. A lot. Lia is a combat droid, she has a combat-mode personality that takes control of her emotions when she gets past a certain level of irritation… it is this personality Seraphim recently witnessed, not a schizoid manifestation, but a command manifestation, triggered by Seraphim’s behaviour. It took a while for Lia to articulate that this was what had happened, because, for her, nothing had happened, and she couldn’t understand why Seraphim was so upset. The two of them circled each other for hours, slowly falling back into what has become a lovely, comforting orbit. An orbit that actually does allow for communication… and that is what they did.

Seraphim told Lia she doesn’t have a crush on her, anymore. This is probably not true.

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