Pinup Lia


Lia lives in a little house she built on z0zo’s land. Z0zo accidentally caused Lia’s house to be deleted from her land. Seraphim was talking to Lia, via IM, and Lia said she was building a new house. Seraphim asked if she could come and watch, because she hadn’t seen Lia for a day, and missed her. When she arrived, Lia was building her new house… dressed like this


… to say Seraphim was astonished would be putting it mildly. In all the short time she has known her little fox warrior friend, Seraphim has only ever seen her dressed in practical clothing, often armour, often carrying her enormous scythe. She has never seen Lia dressed like a 50’s pinup…


… Seraphim had only come for a short visit, to see her friend, and see what she built. Seraphim has absolutely no idea what Lia built… because she couldn’t take her eyes off Lia…


… she has no idea why Lia was dressed like this, she didn’t think to ask, she was too busy being amazed and delighted.

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