Noir Bar


Seraphim, Am3thyst, and Kyan1te spent time, last evening, playing in Hangars Liquides, a fabulous, Bladerunner-esqe sim, full of dark, dystopian sci-fi grittiness… they had a lot of fun, and no problems, acting out the roles of a sci-fi noir threesome…


… no problem with these roles… because those are now the reality of their lives…


… Seraphim’s life has never been so rich and complex…


… to her unending delight, she now finds herself in a relationship with sweet little Kyan1te, the Scout unit who has been programmed as a submissive sex toy…


… and Am3thyst, who is actually the android form of Kyan1te’s mother, Megan, who is a shape-shifting Neko techno-sorceress…


… Seraphim’s mind feels like anything might happen next… and it does not scare her in the slightest. This lonely, reclusive alien, has now found a loving family… a very strange family, to be sure, but, then, Seraphim is hardly ‘ordinary’, herself.

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