Missing Tee


A week ago, exactly, Tee suddenly left, telling Seraphim she was having strange anomalies in her CPU, and she had to go to a secret android diagnostic facility she knew of, one that was outside NS jurisdiction… as she wasn’t entirely sure NS were not responsible, somehow, for her possible malfunction… Tee has networks within networks of friends and contacts, influence that does not fit at all with her ‘simple pleasure toy’ persona. She said she would be gone for a few days, possibly a week…


… it’s been a week, now. Seraphim has been trying not to worry, spending a lot of time in the part of her garden that she and Tee last spent time in… she doesn’t like spending much time in the gallery, now, looking at the empty place that Tee made so beautiful with her glorious form… and listening to the silent space that her and Tee filled with sweet conversation…


… she’s starting to worry, now.

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