Not so Many II


The second person Seraphim contacted over her recent upswing in gallery visitor numbers proved to be as fabulously rewarding as the first one was unrewarding! Crimson turned out to have not only visited the gallery, but to have done so because she knew someone Seraphim had recently photographed… but, most delightfully for Seraphim, Crimson turned out to not only be gynoid, but to be a Scout!… only the second Scout Seraphim recalls meeting…


… Seraphim was out exploring when Crimson got back to her. While Seraphim looked at new places, her and Crimson talked via IM, for over an hour, before Seraphim suddenly realised, from the things that Crimson was saying, that Crimson must actually be in the gallery… Seraphim instantly zapped back there, and there was this lovely, elegant, Crimson gynoid sitting, comfortably, on one of Seraphim’s old sofa’s…


… as the light changed with the rising sun, the two continued their very interesting conversation. Seraphim, of course, taking pictures the whole time. Seraphim is particularly attracted to the curve of beautiful gynoid horns, and Crimson had the second most magnificent set Seri has seen since vi0let…


… the other thing that particularly attracts Seraphim’s camera gaze is stunning gynoid eyes…


… it was worth waiting for Crimson’s elegant, demure movements to reveal…


… what particularly stunning eyes she had.

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