Once again, Seraphim’s habit of contacting avi’s that her security system tells her visited her gallery in her absence, has payed off fabulously with the reward of another gorgeous gynoid for her to photograph…


… this is Nubia, a Rikugou Aide unit. Nubia is Seri’s first Rikugou Aide unit. Needless to say, Seri was smitten by her the moment she placed her deep, black, alien eyes on her…


… Nubia had actually come to the gallery because she had a crush on Tee from having met Tee in the past…


… like most people that encounter Tee, she, too, was very attracted to the little gynoid. Seri was pretty confident Nubia would pose for her, but spent a few hours getting to know her, first, before she asked. She also introduced Nubia to Megan and kyan1te, which went beautifully, as Seri suspected it might…


… Nubia, like kyan1te, has a USB tail, though of a different style, and Seri was delighted to see it’s sinuous behaviour as she took her pictures, as it reminded her of kyan1tes tail…


… Nubia is not only extremely cute, but…


… she looks stunning in the dark!…


… Seri looks forward to taking more pictures of this pretty little bot.

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