New Depths

Seraphim is discovering new depths within her Evie’s personality. Still in a playful mood after the photoshoot with s4nura, Evie sat herself amongst Seraphim’s ball-joint dolls, and suggested she might be able to make herself fit in with them…


… Seraphim said ‘ok, baby, see if you can’… one thing led to another, and soon Evie’s hair was almost identical to that of the dolls, and she was naked… which somehow led to her climbing into Seraphim’s lap…


… an action to which Seraphim was not at all averse…


… it was as though Evie belonged there…


… and Seraphim had only just realised the fact. Seraphim spent a long time gently combing Evie’s nylon hair with her fingers…


… and smoothing it with her hand… all the while, Evie snuggled happily deeper into the curves of Seraphim’s muscular body…


… a very content little unit.

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