Null Void Traveller

Being an 11 year old avi, Tee knows a lot that younger avi’s don’t know, about SL. She moves in secret and mysterious paths and circles… she travels the Null Void, too…


… the Null Void is an inter-sim, trans-dimensional portal, where nothing exists at all, except for the strange things that do exist there, and weird stuff happens a lot… like your back left wheel vanishing and re-appearing a few meters from your red truck…


… not wanting to get them dirty, Tee took off her fancy gloves, and threw a sensible jumper on, over her skimpy top, because it’s strangely cool in the Void, and, as quickly, and efficiently as she could, she retrieved her wheel…


… keeping her eyes scanning the impossible nothing-ness, in the silence that carried strange, distant clicks and scratches… staying alert for any sign of them


… oh… what was she doing, now?… oh, yes… something with this wheel…


… she could see distant figures… not sure why she was here, and whose wheel this was… she couldn’t make the figures out, but she wanted to leave this truck and go to them…


… a programme she had written, years ago, specially for this situation, took over, and she realised she had allowed the Null Void to affect her cybernetic mind, had almost succumbed to it’s pull…


… this was why she didn’t like getting out of her specially insulated, trans-dimensional void truck. She quickly re-attached the wheel and, with one last scan for the figures who had now withdrawn into the whiteness, she got back in her truck and continued on her journey.

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