Art Truck

A large truck and trailer have been skilfully parked at the bottom of Seraphim’s ‘Old Garden’… it’s the Bench Art Park ‘Art Truck’, a travelling exhibition space that shows the work of members of the ‘Bench Art Park’ group, a group Seraphim belongs to…


… Seraphim has wanted to host the truck for quite a while, but only recently got around to setting the things in place that needed to be done for other people to place objects on her land…


… Seraphim’s sweet ‘Zombie Princess’, S4nura was the Art Trucks first non-member viewer, a few days after the truck had been set up, but still before it’s ‘opening’, tomorrow…


… S4nura even wore something suitable for an exhibition… something vastly less revealing than she normally wears…


… Seraphim told her she now looked like a ‘high-class hooker’ which, of course, is not an insult to S4nura, and probably fairly accurate…


… Seraphim and S4nura chatted amiably among the art works spilling from the back of the truck and into Seraphim’s ‘Old Garden’…


… talking about SL fashion, shopping and future photoshoots…


… Seraphim finds her beautiful, strange ‘Zombie Princess’ very easy to talk with, and always enjoys their time together.

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