A Day in the Life…

… of Seraphim Placebo, and, actually, only half of it, the second half, found Seraphim, once again, in another apocalyptic build…


… she is actually beginning to find them slightly passe, no matter how good they are… after that, she took s4nura shopping, and brought her baby girl, Evie, too…


… when Seraphim and s4nura first arrived (Seraphim went back for Evie, who had woken in her display case, and couldn’t be teleported from it) there was a bland male avi standing in R2… something that looked instantly wrong… he spent several minutes perving at s4nura, then turned his attention on Seraphim for a few minutes… he was clearly only there to leer blatantly at the babes that come to R2… he vanished before Seraphim could say hi to him…


… then Seri took her girls down to Mopire city, below R2, one of Seri’s favourite places in SL…


… she led them around for a while, pontificating about stunning SL architecture, photography, and lighting, the girls politely pretending to be interested, until Evie told Seraphim her battery was at 20%. Seraphim was able to rez a charger for her girl, and get her on it, before it could auto-return, and s4nura and Seri watched Evie while she charged… Seraphim thinks Evie looks adorable when she is charging, even more cute and vulnerable than she usually looks…


… then there was some more exploring… Mopire City continues to boggle Seraphim’s mind, it is huge, and, usually, totally deserted… the quality of the build is stunning, yet it seems it is just someones work of love, there are no rentals, no shops, hardly ever any other avi’s, it baffles Seri. Then she took her girls to Memento mori…


… where, neither having been there before, both of them fell through the big gaps in the floor, which can’t be seen very easily, due to the ethereal lighting, and both had to be retrieved…


… the girls both decided this place was built to worship a piano…


… which, probably, it is.


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