More Mopire

Seraphim has, once again, dropped through the hole in the floor of R2 Fashions, where there was once an elevator, to her favourite SL build…


… which, though she calls Mopire City, is actually Mitsuki-Town/Mopire City/Rieri Town in Tokyo… they all blend seamlessly together, are, really, one city…


… above which floats, fantastically, R2 Fashion…


… Seraphim, once again, explored the fabulous streets…


… as always, finding scenes and angles she hadn’t found, before…


… and using a beautiful sky setting she had not used, here, previously, giving a much softer, dreamier feel…


… there were even some other avi’s here, this time, several, in fact, all were unapproachable for various reasons, but Seri had a brief chat with a skater-girl who was there for the photography, also…


… and she also found this piece of cute-overload, unlike anything she has seen here, before…


… a little boat full of intrepid hedgehog adventurers (:

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