A Day In The Life…

… of Seraphim Placebo…


… Seraphim started her day swapping her combat boots for sleek heels…


… and a tuxedo jacket, white shirt and black bow-tie. Feeling very elegant, she visited her little satellite gallery in Pink Lady Castle… it has had exactly zero visitors… Seri has never seen anyone at Pink Lady Castle!… perhaps her first rented gallery-space venture wasn’t in the best place?…


… after visiting a few shops/shopping events, Seraphim bought a new backdrop for her studio, which has some nice poses, and may be useful some day…


… she also bought a flying whale!… a gorgeous, tree-encrusted flying whale. If you stand at the edge of Seraphim’s gate platform, the whale will pass very close in her stately perambulation… if you click on the ladder hanging off her side, you can ride her…


… Seri also bought herself a very cute little bolero jacket…


… the colours of which she fiddled with whilst her new flying whale circumnavigated the sky above her fantasy garden…


… Seri loves her fantasy garden, it’s beauty always soothes her kind, alien heart.

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