The Far Away


Seraphim has been going through her oldest TP’s, and deleting the ones that no-longer exist, of which there are, as usual, quite a few. Usually, the TP either does not work at all, or she arrives on abandoned land, or in someones private yard, often to be threatened by petty security systems… occasionally, the original destination is gone, but one just as interesting is in it’s place, which is always fun…


… it’s been well over 5 years since she went to ‘The Far Away’… so long, in fact, that she didn’t even recognise the name for the destination…


… the moment she saw that Wyeth-like, surreal dreamscape, and the iconic derelict locomotive, she remembered… she came here when the place was first popular… it was always way too crowded to get any decent photographs… even yesterday, there were always about 4 other avi’s there, but everyone stayed on the fringes, so Seri had no problem getting awesome pictures…


… she has no memory of the aeroplane being here, but it was so long ago, she can’t be sure if she has simply forgotten it’s presence…


… it’s almost impossible to take bad pictures, here, the sim is such a wonderful piece of stage-craft…


… but, if you take the time to set up your angles, the place is just mesmerising, and lends itself to gorgeous images that evoke vast, empty spaces from a long-lost era..


… the sim is a masterfully constructed piece of visual chicanery…


… zen-like in it’s simplicity, and the placement of it’s elements. Seri thinks it is, by far, the most beautiful sim she has ever seen in SL.

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