Pretty Luna


Seraphim and Luna were stargazing on the roof, when Seri was taken by how beautiful her friend is. Luna is a chimerical creature, she will often change her appearance several times in a few hours…


… apart from minor tweaks, Seraphim never changes her appearance, and she usually finds avatars who manically change their appearance to be pretty shallow/annoying… she now finds herself in the company of not one, but two avatars who frequently change their appearance, but she loves them both, and their changeling ways don’t annoy her in the least. When Seraphim first saw Luna today, Luna was a Gynoid, up on the roof, she decided to become…


… a 1980’s, girl-nextdoor…


…Elven sweetheart. Seraphim was struck by her vulnerable beauty, so took photos…


… till the sun rose.

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