Game Over


Seraphim has moved all of Zoey’s stuff, and most of the stuff she bought for Zoey, out of the little house she’d built for the two of them, and into an old shed. She didn’t want to get rid of it, but she also didn’t want to have to see it all the time…


… there’s actually not a lot of it, Zoey was an ephemeral creature… in all ways, as Seraphim now knows…


… but, what there is, is all very cute, and mostly pink…


… Seraphim has always liked pink, and often wears it to accent her mostly black clothes, but Zoey seriously upped Seraphim’s attraction to cute…


… that’s something that she’s probably stuck with, now, though she doesn’t mind…


… she can come out here, to the shed, and sit in Zoey’s cute furniture, smell the smells, remember what it was like to be half of a couple…


… miss her little Neko till she cries… she still has no idea what really happened to Zoey, and has had to accept that she may never know… for now, all she has is this stuff, which is too much to handle all the time, but for small amounts of time, she can’t get enough of it…


… snuggling in all this pink, cute stuff that still smells like Zoey…


… then she can wipe her eyes, shut the door, and get on with her life.


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