FaNg Sanctuary Island


Seraphim visited FaNg Sanctuary Island, today. She expected a dark, goth/vampire type place, and that’s what it was, initially…


… it’s billed as the ‘best swamp in Second Life’, so Seraphim headed away from the castley bits, looking for the swamp area… she’d set the recommended windlight, and really liked the old master, oil paint-like colours the light highlighted. She found the swamp, but kept going…


… the forest, in it’s rich, oil-colour hues, was beautiful… she kept exploring…


… and was genuinely surprised to find this idyllic stream and forest glade…


… she hadn’t really expected this kind of old-world forest beauty…


… the place was gorgeous, in a dark kind of way, as if Hansel and Gretel might come round the bend in the trail, having just escaped the cannibal witch…


… but that didn’t happen, she had all this beauty to herself.

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