Renting in Maine


After reading this post, Seraphim, inspired by the gorgeous photographs, decided to have a look for herself. The first thing that struck her, after landing on the beach, were the strange clouds… she’d never seen these in SL, before. They were obviously some extra layer of ‘weather’ added on to the sim… they looked great when the sky was clear, but clashed with the SL clouds, and seriously clashed with certain types of tree, causing them to appear in front of the tree, which was just plain weird…


… odd clouds aside, the sim was beautiful, full of a wide variety of high-end buildings…


… the ones Seraphim checked ranged in price from one the same as the one above (she didn’t check this ones price, being more interested in the beautiful car outside it) which was L$7500 a week, with 5000 prims, to ones that were L$50 a week, with 200 prims. As someone who has rented a few places in SL, for galleries, Seraphim is pretty sure L$50 a week, with 200 prims is a bargain!…


… which is why she couldn’t resist renting 1 Lois Lane! Most of the time Seraphim was looking around, she was talking to the only other avatar in the sim, who had also come here after reading Alexa’s post! Emelia also was blown away by the lovely sim, and the low prices, and she, also, rented a place. Seraphim invited her for a tour of her new rental…


… of which Emelia was suitably impressed. The two talked for a while, then Amelia had to go, leaving Seri to wander around some more, until…


… she found THIS fabulous place (16 Pearl Place), also only L$50 a week! What was a girl to do, she’d hate for this lovely sim to vanish for want of clients, so she rented it, too!…


… she’s really looking forward to decorating them both, but especially this one, as the internal space is very gallery-like, just what our girl loves most (:

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