Seraphim at Home


Seraphim owns a fair chunk of land, and there is lots of stuff to see, there… but the heart of her home, is her apartment… it is the only place on her land where you cannot go without permission… this is where she feels the most at home, it’s decorated with some of the enormous collection of art she has accumulated over the years…


… if you know Seraphim, you know she has had vast amounts of her private art collection displayed around her home at various times, but the walls of her apartment are mostly hung with her own work…


… all pieces that are freighted with memories…


… her own art is juxtaposed with an eclectic array of sculptures, figures and interesting stuff…


… some of it quite old, all of it very special to her…


… her own artwork is a diary of friends and lovers…


… her collected artworks are a diary of tastes and interests…


… and that was just the main room in her apartment.

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