Seraphim went to the ‘Ota.Con’ event, this morning. As she wandered through the stalls, she became aware of whistling/thudding noises in the surrounding forest, and could see flashes of colour above the trees… this was far more interesting than the bland products on display, so she walked into the forest…


… where she discovered pyrotechnics shooting out of the ground…


… and exploding over her head…


… Seraphim was totally delighted, having never seen a fireworks display in SL, before…


… she wandered about, looking for the best places to capture the elusive displays… like SL lightning, they were very hard to pin down, photographically… she took over 200 images…


… she thoroughly enjoyed the display, and is quite happy with the few good images she captured. Although the actual products for sale were totally forgettable, the fireworks display will stay with her for ever.

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