Seri Loves Hangars Liquides

hangars liquides

Seraphim loves Hangars Liquides, it’s one of her favourite SL places to explore and take pictures in…

hangars liquides2a

… she recently convinced her human to donate a fairly big chunk of the human’s weekly wage toward keeping the place running, and is very proud to have been a part of keeping this gorgeous sim in SL, for now, anyway…

hangars liquides3

… Hangars Liquides is mind-numbingly huge, compared to most SL sims…

hangars liquides4

… the scale is a big part of the BladeRunner-esqe atmosphere…

hangars liquides5

… Seraphim finds the background noise here very soothing…

hangars liquides6

… the windlight is a harsh one, so Seri always changes it to her favourite, soft-hued windlight…

hangars liquides7

… then just soaks up the ambience.

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