Studio Time


Having read about RioSisco Studio Pictures on Inara Pey’s blog, Seraphim decided to go and see it herself. The first thing she loved was the dramatic scale juxtapositions, from the tiny…


… to the gargantuan. The two avis sitting on the roof are Seri’s fellow bloggers, Pearl and Klaus. Pearl and Klaus happened to arrive at the sim seconds after Seri, in fact, Pearl landed on Seri’s head. After a brief hello, Pearl and Klaus went one way, and Seri went another, later spotting them on the roof, as she set up this shot…


… there’s all kinds of fun stuff to see in this build…


… several species of saurian…


… a really cool maze that could be used perfectly for something like Alien vs. Predator…


… if it had been any bigger, Seri could have gotten lost in it…


… and never found this rain-soaked alley…


… or this beautiful building.

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