Beautiful Mess


Seraphim lives in a home she built herself. It’s nothing fancy, just really spacious, because she likes being surrounded by all the beautiful things she collects…


… her most treasured item is these two guys… they were the first gacha she ever played, they are the ‘rare’, and she was only after them, and she won them first spin… she absolutely adores these guys…


… she has been a fairly addicted gacha player, ever since, because there’s just so much cool ‘stuff’ to win!… she has a lot of kiwi’s, because her human is from New Zealand, and she shares her human’s pride in being a ‘kiwi’…


… this ‘little brown kiwi’ is probably her fave…


… she also has many dolls, because she just loves them…


… she has many cat-themed treasures, her absolute favourite is this pink ‘kitty in a balloon’, which, of course, is a ‘rare’… she (pink kitty) cruises around Seri’s living area, in her little pink balloon, her flight-path is very erratic, and she leaves a little trail of flame from her balloon’s burner, and she lets out the occasional meow, all of which totally melts Seri’s cat-loving heart…


… Seraphim also loves good neon…


… amongst other stuff.


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