Faerie Dance


Seraphim visited Enchantment at Leloo’s World, the other day. There were birdies…


… and bunnies…


… and a cute little blue Fae, who asked Seri if she’d dance with her…


… and so the two non-humans danced up a storm of Faeriedust…


… so much, it made even Seri a bit dizzy. Had Seri been mortal, who knows what price that dance would have caused her, but, as she isn’t, it just made her light-headed for a bit. The little blue Fae was surprised, but gracious enough to thank Seri for the dance… she asked Seri what she was, and why was she immune to magic?… but Seri just gave a dizzy laugh, and wandered off to talk to the bunnies.

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