85 Levels


Seraphim visited the ‘100 Levels’ project, today, to see how it’s going… there are now 85! These are her faves from the newest ones. She really likes the one above… it’s the only upside down one, such a cool concept… even the wall with the door is upside down, though she didn’t think to see how that worked at the back, with the stairs… she suspects it didn’t…


… this one made her laugh out loud… if it has any specific meaning, she’s not sure what it is, but it’s delightful, anyway…


… this one, also, made her laugh… if you follow the absurdity of highbrow ‘art’, you’ll know all about this particular ‘artwork’… Seraphim loves the intelligence of seeing it re-purposed in this project…


… this one, and the one below, are just gorgeous, richly textured whimsy…


… there are so many clever people in SL (:

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