100 Levels!


The 100 Levels project recently achieved it’s goal…


… Magnum Yoshikawa announced the building would stay up until the 22 of March, so there’s still time to go to Kowloon and see this wonderful, collaborative construction piece… Seraphim found that the last 20 floors seemed to be a bit bland, like people had run out of ideas, but she still found a few she quite liked…


… they tended to be fairly whimsical…


… Seraphim likes whimsy…


… she popped into her own unit, to check on her hedgehogs, and make sure they were ok spending a few more weeks here… they were fine, spending the day snoozing on the bench, and the night snuffling in the grass for bugs… they also still enjoyed the view, and didn’t even mind the eccentric, French music.


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