Evolution of an Avatar


Seraphim is on the move, again, metaphorically speaking, she’s not actually going anyway, except forward. Seraphim tends to spend months dwelling on stuff, then make one, huge adjustment. Her life for the last several years has been quite a rollercoaster, although it’s slowed a hell of a lot, this last year, mainly because she is now pretty much an ‘actor’, as apposed to a ‘reactor’ in her own life.

Zoey has pretty much been absent from Seraphim’s life for a year, or more, now. This has given Seri plenty of time to prepare herself for what she needed to do. In the last few days she has pulled down the house she built for the two of them, which Zoey then barely used. She’s returned all of Zoey’s stuff, which she had been storing/left laying where Zoey put it… this was quite hard, because it was all she had left of her, except some photos she took… well, thousands of photos she took. The initial drive to take down the house was because she was running out of prims, but, once she starts sweeping, it’s hard not to clean her whole house…


… which is why she took down the entire second floor of New Placebo Gallery, while she was on a roll. Of course, this gave her a whole lot more prims, but… Zoey was the last Gynoid in Seri’s life, her other Gynoid friends are no longer Gynoids, one is a doll (several dolls), and the other is a happily married, human avatar. Seraphim no longer shoots Gynoids, and has actually moved away from even wanting to, any more… most of the second floor of her gallery was  images of Gynoids…


… there’s still a few of her faves on the ground floor, but she’s into other stuff, now… like her still life work…


… two of which she put up in the gallery, yesterday…


… these could be the start of a new direction for her…


… she really likes them…


… she felt a real pang, this afternoon, when she realised she hadn’t sent Zoey’s gorgeous ‘kitten basket’, and fish plushie toy, and bowels of milk and fish-shaped kitty nibbles back… she almost didn’t… but she steeled herself, and hit ‘return’…


… she’s been ‘free’ for over a year, now…


… now it’s really real.

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