Yesterday, Seraphim visited Chuanghu (Windows), a beautiful, greyscale installation described as ‘an architectural installation in the style of ink wash’…


… it’s a reasonably large, suitably confusing space, where you are invited to wander about and find various places where you can ‘sit’…


… Seraphim suspects this space wouldn’t appeal to the vertiginously challenged, as you are basically wandering around in midair, feeling like you should be falling…


… Seri found some of ‘sits’, but most of them were far too comical for her to photograph herself in and still feel any degree of sophisticated composure… she felt they didn’t match the elegance of the work, as though the artist’s 7 year old daughter had chosen the poses…


… but she really enjoyed wandering amongst (some are phantom, some not) the lush, ink-like objects/patterns/strokes…


… there’s a little gallery/store, at the landing point, where you can buy some of the work you see inside the installation.



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