New Home at Night


Seraphim has been spending so much time setting up her new home, she often works into the night…


… which is fine, because, then, she gets to see how beautiful it’s all looking…


… her front yard is almost finished…


… which is to say, it’s almost at a point where it’s basic form is established, from where it will be endlessly tweaked… which, of course, is all part of the fun. The purple light in the nearest window…


… is Seri’s beloved ‘Kitty-in-a-Balloon’, now happily settled into to her new airspace, and tirelessly zooming around, constantly providing Seraphim with delight…


… the front door to Seri’s mansion is guarded by two ferocious…


… um… plastic robots (:


14 thoughts on “New Home at Night

    1. Thanks, Sadie (: The kitty is one of my most loved possessions… she is a ‘rare’ gacha, I won, as I often do, on my second or third pull, specifically playing to win her… she not only cruises around my home in her little balloon, she occasionally lets out the most gorgeous little meow, which I never tire of hearing, it always makes me smile, and I often meow back to her (:

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      1. I am often lucky, but sometimes, totally NOT. To be honest, I don’t play them that much, any more… I’ve learned it’s WAY cheaper, usually, to get them as resales, on MP… even the ‘rare’s’, unless they are ridiculously priced, when you work out how much you’d spend, if you didn’t get them in the first few pulls, are still cheaper on MP. Some people ask INSANE prices for gacha on MP, though… like L$750,450 for a ‘rare’ vest!! I seriously doubt they sell them… that’s a mind-bogglingly high amount of REAL money!

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      2. holy smokes! I had no idea people sold gacha items for that much. I mean really thats like only wealthy collectors could afford that. I know some people hand out their duplicates or stuff they won and dont want anymore to other people. Yeah, I can see why just buying some of it would be cheaper. In some clothing stores I see what is on a gatcha and find an almost identical item for sale, or as a group gift, and get it. 🙂


      3. OMG. I see he set it so the next person could only copy the item. Most of the time an investor in art wants to be able to resell the art for a higher price. That, and its in my opinion a simple and in a way ugly sweater hat. Unless the creator was like a genius but really? That much for that?


      4. I didn’t notice the ‘no-transfer’ aspect… you are right, that totally kills the ‘art speculation’ theory. And, yes, it’s total rubbish, as stupid as taping a banana on a wall, and calling that ‘art’… but even THAT was understandable in the light of greedy speculation verses morons with too much money. I did a quick calculation, and a million $L is US$3,120… NOONE would pay that for that piece of junk. It is either a joke, or the advertiser is not dealing from a complete pack.

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      5. Or a bit of all of the above. and yeah, $3,120 for a non transferable item is a bit nuts. and not even good art. I had to look up the “banana tapped to the wall” thing. OMG someone really did that and called it art. Just wow.


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