Ocean Pearl


Seraphim just visited Ocean Pearl


… the landing point is at sea level, where there’s a shanty town. You make your way up a long flight of stairs (or you can fly) to the urban, sci-fi-grunge area. This part has a lovely, drawn, comic-book feel…


… which Seri always likes. The thing she found most interesting, here, though…


… was the amount of static/animesh characters she’s never seen before…


… as an inveterate explorer, she is used to all the standard, prop, characters that are often placed in builds…


… almost none of the ones she saw here were ones she’d seen anywhere previously…


… they, too, had a drawn/comic-book look, and fitted beautifully in the build…


… there were so many of them, it didn’t feel like there actually wasn’t another, single, avi here…


… Seri has never heard of Ocean Pearl, before, so, suspects it’s relatively new…


… she hopes it’s around for a while.


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