2020 SciFiCon Again


Seraphim returned to the ScFiCon, yesterday, to continue her exploration…


… there was much more to see in the ‘Abyssal Depths’ sim she had first landed in…


… pretty plants, and…


… pretty fish everywhere. Seraphim has never really understood these conventions. To her, they always look the same, a whole lot of buildings in some theme-park, filled with boring advertising, and, usually, not even selling anything. Sometimes there are cool exhibits, but usually not… it’s as though the rule is for them to all be cluttered and boring. So, she was pleasantly surprised with how lovely this area was…


… she made her way to the surface, where there are several more sims, most looking more like she expected them to look. She did find this very cute, retro-futuristic cafe…


… retro-futuristic, 50’s deco is one of Seri’s favourite styles…


… and this little cafe had it totally nailed. There was much more to see, so she landmarked where she was, and called it a day.


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