Seraphim visited Bellezzamora, last evening…

… she was straight away crippled by lag/slow rez time. When things did finally rez, moving amongst them was very frustrating. She tended to just wait till the place was rezzed, then just stand where she was, and pan around…

… she had seen Bellezzamora advertised as a place of ‘opulence and grandeur’, that housed some kind of fabulous art collection…

… the very British/colonial opulence/grandeur was immediately apparent, and quite beautiful…

… Seraphim has never seen this particular building, before, that she can recall, or even it’s components, really… so it was lovely to see something so stunning, but also for the first time…

… if the grounds were any indication of it’s grandiose opulence, Seri was looking forward to seeing the mystery art collection…

… unfortunately, by the time she made it through the lag swamp, to the front door, she’d decided to come back another time.

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