Fun Day

Seraphim was in a frivolous mood, this morning. She decided to go to Katat0nik, somewhere she’s not been for a long time, but one of her all-time fave SL creators, from way back. After looking to see what was new, she found a gacha she’d not seen/noticed, before… it was for ‘Happy Kitty Dolls’. There were 3 ‘rares’, one of which was red, and was the one she liked most. She put in L$50… and won the red rare! First shot! This often happens to her, but it’s still, always, an absolute delight when it does! With her new happy kitty snuggled in the crook of her arm, she decided to go shopping, another thing she’s neglected, lately…

… she checked the sales and went and bought some excellent, cheap hair, two, to be precise, one with a ‘cat’ beanie, and the fabulous ‘big’ hair she has on, above. She decided she needed a gold tiara to match her mood, so bought one of those, too! Then she took her kitty pal to The Coasters Club

… a sim with wonderful, minimal scenery, and wide, shallow, empty ocean vistas…

… ‘please don’t drop me…’ her kitty meowed…

… ‘I absolutely will not, sweetheart’ she replied…

… when they got home, her new kitty instantly adopted one of Seri’s mannequins as his new safe place.

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