Seraphim visited Puddlechurch, today…

… there was plenty of bucolic splendour in which to roam…

… in what had the feel of an early 1900’s, or late-Victorian era countryside…

… just before this point, there is some unpleasantness, featuring a tree full of lynched dolls of babies. Seraphim found it disturbing, but typical of what is often just around the corner, in SL…

… after that, the early-industrial theme gets more pronounced…

… still with plenty of decayed, seedy beauty…

… sadly, not long after this shot, Seri walked into one of those bolshy, belligerent security areas that told her she’d be evicted if she didn’t fuck off in 20 seconds. Seraphim HATES those things! Especially on land supposedly open to the public… she was so annoyed, she tp’d home, and doubts she’ll be back.

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