The Apartments

I visited ‘The Apartments‘, last night…

… a few years ago, SL seemed to be swamped with post-apocalyptic builds, now there seems to be a trend for BladeRunner-esque builds, which is far more interesting…

… the bulk of this build are the eponymous ‘Apartments’, which provide lots of views of the dystopian, neon, rain-drenched future so evocative of the ‘Blade Runner’ vision…

… internally there are some spaces that also reflect the ‘Blade Runner’ style… a kind of worn, slightly seedy, somehow 50’s looking, faded opulence…

… I liked the somehow muted neon palette, it adds to the ennui…

… as do the sound effects, which are also straight out of ‘Blade Runner’, with that repeating sound-bite that sounds like a call to prayer blended with a verbalisation of emptiness…

… it got a bit tedious navigating the floors of the building and fighting the lag, but there’s plenty to see here, and lots of cool photogenic stuff.

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