As my journey through the past of my travels continues, I visited ACC ALPHA. This place is one of the most surreal, unashamedly art-as-environment destinations I have ever seen in SL, and it’s been running for over ten years, now…

… the first time I came here, years ago, I have to admit I didn’t actually like it that much, I found it too abstract, and too confusing. This time is the first time I’ve really been able to spend a long time here, and it is really quite stunning, and very unique…

… I love the confident, avant-garde architecture. There are little galleries everywhere, here…

… I also discovered, this visit, that there actually are areas of more conventional beauty and looks…

… which are just as stunning as all the surreal stuff…

… of which there is plenty.

2 thoughts on “ACC ALPHA

  1. And did you ride on the train around and then under the sea? That place changes everytime I go there. Thanks for reminding me about it.


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