Abyss Observatory: Update

In my last post about the Abyss Observatory, I mentioned the ‘Gateway to Thinking’, and how excited I was to try it… but when I went back and tried it, it didn’t work! So I contacted Yan Lauria, the owner of Abyss Observatory, and told him it wasn’t working. Within hours, he got back to me, thanking me for letting him know, and told me he had fixed it, and set it up here, but changed it’s function, so it was easier to use…

… you click on one of the two main groups, on the right of the board, and several sub-groups appear above it…

… then you click one of them, say ‘Space/Astronomy’, and you get multiple choices in that category, click one of them, and off you go! I went for one called something like ‘forests’… I was surprised that my first destination was a shop selling trees and stuff, not as scientific as I’d expected, my second destination landed me in a nightclub, but there was a nice island to explore, once I’d figured how to get past the dancers! I’m sure ‘Space/Astronomy’ would take me to more scientific destinations (:

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