Dimrill Dale

I visited Dimrill Dale, today. I’ve never been here, before, and discovered it quite serendipitously…

… I was pottering in my bedroom, at home, when my ERD ‘FraymWerk’ glasses, which are invisible glasses I’ve worn for years, now, that have a radar that gives me a heads-up of nearby avatars, more consistently than the ‘nearby people’ function of Firefox does, informed me there was an avatar 30 meters away from me, which is pretty close, and I generally have a look at who is in the hood, as there’s usually no-one. I was intrigued to see a cute little, foxlike avi just over my fence, on some empty land behind my neighbours land. Just as I clicked on her, to read her profile, she vanished, but I’d seen her name, so, my interest piqued, I searched her, and read her profile. Her ‘picks’ had Dimrill Dale in them, so I went and had a look…

… this place is, as far as I could gather from the fox’s ‘picks’, part of a large, long-running sim called Calas Galadhon Park…

… it’s very pretty, very lush and green…

… I found several lovely meadows with great views…

… I’m surprised I’ve never wound up here, if it’s been running for years, but, that’s the nature of SL, isn’t it? There’s so much you never get to see, unless you keep looking, everywhere, even in the profiles of little, wandering foxes.

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