Wyrd Xmas

Back in February, Veyot asked me if I wanted to decorate one of the ‘Last Drop Cafe’ buildings she had set up as a project. I was delighted, and really enjoyed doing so. Veyot’s projects tend to be short-lived, pop-up kinds of things, so I never expected to still be curating the Wyrd Last Drop Cafe decor nine months later. She recently asked me if I wanted to decorate it for Christmas, and, of course, I did want to. I’ve been doing that over the last few days, but that involved a good few weeks of going to Christmas shopping events, looking for cute stuff…

… I say ‘cute’ stuff, because, somehow, the decor in the Wyrd cafe has just gotten cuter and cuter. I like ‘cute’, and there’s plenty of it in my own home, but I’ve just kinda let go here. This kitten on a sled will play xmas music, if you click her…

… there are gorgeous little snow Fae having a snowball fight…

… inside it’s all xmas colours and critters…

… if you click the chocolate log, you can eat some of it…

… there’s plenty of xmas-themed seating…

… the people over the road have gotten into the spirit, too, so xmas has definitely come to Wyrd.

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