Route 1 Heterocera

In a wave of nostalgia, I decided to resume the bipedal wanderings of the Mainland continents that I used to do, back in the day. I decided to start in Heterocera, on Route 1. I started at the beginning of the road, the surrounds of which are your typical, ugly SL mishmash of buildings and signage. It wasn’t until Plano that things started to become more visually appealing, with these lovely Hobbit houses beside the road. I’ve always loved these cobbled Linden roads, more than any other style of road they have. I love the old, tired, worn feel they have, I love that they have plants growing on them. I don’t know if that plant placement is just some algorithm, or if some Linden minion meticulously placed every one…

… but, by the time Route 1 had become Park Way, in Bombyx, the feeling of old and tired had become downright dilapidated and overgrown, which I totally loved…

… there was even a ford across the road, which I’ve never seen before on an SL road…

… I really liked this part of the route, there are some really lovely, thoughtfully placed and landscaped homes, all close to the cosy old road, giving a really open and friendly feel you don’t often find in SL…

… it was a lovely change…

… this one in particular, in Samia, warmed my heart with it’s simple, friendly invitation, and it’s half open gate. You seldom see signs openly inviting the traveller to come into private gardens. I continued on Park Way till I reached Sundana, then TP’d home because I was too tired to continue my wandering. I shall resume tomorrow.

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