Xmas Morning 2020

This morning, I got up, and stumbled sleepily downstairs, to wish my animal family a lovely xmas day. My little, manic kitty-in-a-balloon, my lazy pink bunnies, and my always somnolent sphinx cat. We had all agreed not to give gifts, so there were none to open, just the warm glow of our love for each other. Later I would wish the bunnies in my yard the same…

… I put on something more practical, and went to spend a happy few hours changing the exhibit in my gallery

… the current exhibit is called ‘Time and Stone’…

… consisting of some of the images I took on my recent visit to ‘Endless 58-58N‘…

… I have always been fascinated by standing stones, they call to my soul, somehow…

… I installed some in the gallery, because they are so beautiful…

… I really enjoyed my xmas morning, and I hope you enjoyed yours, too (:

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