Tempura Island

For my first exploration in 2021, I visited Tempura Island. Near the landing area is a gorgeous, autumnal forest that filled my heart with the joy of being alive, and able to experience this kind of beauty…

… this is a very beautiful place, a particularly lush, baroque type of beauty…

… there is a palace that manages to be both classical, and slightly brutalist, with vaguely nouveau embellishment…

… it has gorgeous, intimate spaces, lavishly decorated in nouveau/deco style…

… and stunning, huge spaces, in a kind of byzantine/baroque style…

… it’s all very beautiful…

… filled with light that embellishes all the golden tones…

… really magnificent…

… breathtakingly so.

6 thoughts on “Tempura Island

    1. I’m not sure, Karima, it’s the first time I’ve been there. All the buildings are obviously constructed out of manipulated prims, not mesh, something I noticed straight away, quite an ‘old fashioned’ SL construction method, so it could quite possibly be a 12 year old build.

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      1. It’s actually called ‘Japan Tempura Island’, though there is no obvious Japanese influence, far more Byzantium/Central Asian, but it certainly sounds like it’s the place you visited. You’ve gotten me curious, now… I’ll try to find out how old the sim is (:


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