I set up a new exhibition at Placebo Gallery, yesterday. It is called ‘Iterations’…

… as well as photography, I have a passion for playing with textures in Photoshop…

… I have an enormous collection of RL photos my human has taken of clouds, concrete, sand, rusty metal, plants, that sort of thing. I spend many happy hours mixing and blending these images into textures, which then get reblended into more textures…

… then I’ll start a series of iterations of a few chosen textures from the huge collection of them I have previously created. It’s like painting, but with textures, instead of paint…

… I have previously created textural works recognisable as conventional landscapes… but most of this current batch of iterations are landscapes of the mind.

4 thoughts on “Iterations

  1. I totally understand the taking photos of concrete thing … any kind of naturally occuring “noise”. The closer you look, the more you find …


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