Whiskey Smash

Over the last few days I’ve been visiting Whiskey Smash. I first was drawn to this destination because I saw it was advertised as a place that was about ‘art and blah blah’, art is one of my passions, and I always seek it out in SL. The ‘blah blah’ part was about music and dj’s, something I do not seek out in SL. It’s taken me days to assemble these pictures, because the first time I tp’d in, I landed smack in the middle of a frenzied crowd of dancing avi’s. If you know me, you won’t be surprised that my instant reaction was to tp home…

… determined not to give up, I came back the next day to a, thankfully, empty dance space. I then began my exploration of the sim, usually fighting industrial level lag. To say this sim is an eclectic collection of building genres and styles is gilding the lily, it actually borders on being a total mess, it’s quite hard to get a shot that encompasses only one style. There is little to no art, unless you count the various statues around the place, I didn’t find a single gallery, which is what the term ‘art’ generally leads me to expect. This sim is purely about dj’s, dance spaces, and shopping. That being said, if you spend the time, you can get some nice pictures…

… the second-to-last time I visited, the dance space was, again, pumping, but they’d moved the landing point outside, so I didn’t arrive in the middle of them, which was considerate. The place is obviously popular for dancing, but in the whole time I was exploring, I never saw a single other avi…

… my favourite aspect of Whiskey Smash is the sky…

… which is the only really consistent aspect among an incredible mixture of disparate styles…

… offering endless permutations of aurora-like fluctuations…

… to get lost in.

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